Standard Generic Fridge Magnets (packed in 10’s) These are our initial offerings:

Size of the magnets 60mm x 90mm

Personalised Fridge Magnets (minimum order 100):

Select your favourite postcard design from our Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Bath and Jamie Bear ranges and ask for it to be converted to 60mm x 90mm fridge magnets especially for you.

Fridge Magnets:

MC1 Cornwall's Coast
MC2 Cornwall (Beach and Headland)
MC3 Cornwall (Composite)
MC4 Cornwall (Mine)
MC5 Cornish Pasties
MDEV1 Devon's Coast
MDEV2 Devon
MDEV3 Devon's Coast and Countryside
MDOR1 Dorset Coast 
MDOR19 Dorset's Coast 
MDOR25 Dorset Coastline 
MDOR34 Dorset
MDOR47 Dorset
MJB29 The Adventures of Jamie Bear