Greetings cards ( 5" x 7" cards come in packs of 10 per design)

Our greeting cards contain many varied photographic images taken by Claire ; woodland seascapes, landscapes, cottages, boats, lakes and flowers all feature. All come wrapped with an envelope and are blank inside. They can be sold in outlets anywhere in the UK.

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Full list:

CS1 The Red Boat
CS2 Schooner
CS3 The Cottage
CS4 Azure
CS5 Blue
CS6 Sailing Boats
CS7 Morning Mist
CS8 Jamie Bear
CS9 Bluebells
CS10 Spinnakers
CS11 Silver Sea
CS12 Reflections
CS13 Sea Breeze
CS14 Wild Flowers
CS15 Sea Ripples
CS16 Honeysuckle Cottage
CS17 Fishing Boats
CS18 Swaning Around
CS19 Ebb Tide
CS20 Heaven Scent
CS21 Island Rocks
CS22 Counting Sheep
CS23 Still Waters
CS24 Aquamarine
CS25 Three Ships
CS26 Tree Spirit
CS27 Wild Ponies
CS28 The Cove
CS29 Thrift
CS30 Sand,Sea,Sky
CS31 Crab Fishing
CS32 Valley of Flowers
CS33 The Mooring
CS34 On the Edge
CS35 Lavender
CS36 Magnolia
CS37 Down to the Beach
CS38 Woodland Flowers
CS39 Roses
CS40 Deck Chairs
CS41 Flower Power
CS42 Vintage Racing
CS43 The Lake