Jamie Bear postcards (Standard sized postcards come in packs of 50 per design)

Jamie Bear's adventures are fun for all the family young or old. He loves to surf, drive a train, goes horseriding, rows a boat, makes sand castles on a beach and holidays in a camper van. These cards are bought by little ones or for them ! Also bought by adults with a sense of fun ! They can be sold in outlets anywhere in the UK. All the images in the collection are shown below.

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Full list:

JB1 On the beach
JB2 On clifftop
NEW JB3 With pasty and seagull
JB4 Beach composite
JB5 Surfing
NEW JB6 Jamies Rock with Mermaid
JB7 Riding pony
JB8 Rowing Boat
JB9 Train driving
JB10 Crab Fishing
JB11 Picnic
JB12 On dune board
JB13 Cream Tea for Three
(Teddy Bear's Picnic)

JB14 Train composite
JB15 Rock climbing
JB16 Hot Cakes
JB17 Painting
JB18 On lifeboat
JB19 Yum yum
JB20 Bear-chested
JB21 Walk in the country
JB22 Jamie the pirate
JB23 Away from it all
Fossil & dinosaur
JB25 Olympic Diving Practice
JB26 Jamie's rock pool
JB27 Celebrations
JB28 With lambs
JB29 Adventures Comp
JB30 with William Bear